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One of the day time Village Parties held in the centre. Fun for all and a celebration to mark the end of the road works!

Our villagers range from those who are a fun and vibrant lot bursting with energy, while others prefer the more sedate, quiet way of life. We all support each other and those in need as well as loving life in Denmead.

Community spirit is something high on our agenda, too. It takes all sorts to make our village what it is! We celebrate our diversity!

We are a dementia friendly village with a growing population of around 6,300 ranging in age from birth to 80 plus.

Please come along to our meetings and see what we are all about.
The speakers range in age, subject and background and are always highly recommended.

The meetings begin with an update on village matters e.g. previously the Carpenter’s Field concerns, the Aquind installation and solar farm near Edney’s Lane or something else linked to village life.

Our refreshments are free!

Membership is only £8 a year. Visitors may have their first visit for FREE. £8 covers our five meetings each year, but we also organise events which may attract an additional fee such a a night time viewing at the Clanfield Observatory. In July we shall have a guided walk on the Stansted Estate with Mark Seaman. Details on our Meetings and current Home pages.

You will be most welcome and enjoy a chat with other Denmeadians!

Part of our Fitness Trail near Creech View Greenway and Harvest Field below. The Trail is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Some wheelchair users may need support but can enjoy the sights, sounds and smells around the Trail.

As mentioned on the Home page the Denmead Village Association was established in 1973 to represent the villagers’ interest in planning, architecture, preservation of green and built up areas  etc. Maintaining the GAP – the green areas between Denmead and Waterlooville, our nearest town – are vital in keeping our semi-rural village location intact. New building does take place, but we do challenge it if it does not meet within the remit of our Denmead Neighbourhood Plan.

A more recent example of this was the Charles Church development at Carpenter’s Field where Peter Ambrose, our Chair at that time, heavily campaigned with the late Neil Lander Brinkley, a former Parish Councillor, and backed by the DVA members, to reduce the number of units being built. They were successful in doing so. Carpenters Field is a thriving and attractive development.

Other campaigns included opposing late night/early morning opening hours at a restaurant which would disturb local residents, especially those living above the shops in the village centre, if permitted to proceed with opening late and serving alcohol until the early hours. Join us and bring your ideas or concerns to the Committee.

The DVA donates funds to Denmead in Bloom, Go Wild Denmead and the Community Centre each year as well as items to the village to benefit all residents. Our most recent donation was a bench for village use, part of the cost being met by a grant from County Councillor Patricia Stallard.

In May 2023, Patricia was elected Chairman of Hampshire County Council. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise to support our village and the rest of Hampshire.

The DVA is overseen by a Committee of members voted in at our annual AGM in September. Our current Chairman is Neil Rusbridger, who works hard for the DVA and Denmead Village.

We would love you to join us and help organise meetings, speakers, events and the direction in which we should be going over local matters. All sorts of skills welcome!

Please e-mail our Treasurer to find out more.


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