Jubilee Fitness Trail 2022

The Jubilee Fitness Trail was first set up in 2002 to mark the late Queen’s Golden Jubilee. 20 years later it needed refurbishment and what a great excuse to do so when the Queen’s Platinum celebration came along. We have renamed it the DENMEAD VILLAGE ASSOCIATION JUBILEE FITNESS TRAIL 2002 GOLD – PLATINUM JUBILEE 2022.

An example of the new trail way-markers


May 2023

The DVA is ready to go ahead with the updated trail and HCC hope to start work very soon.

The Fitness Trail can be accessed by all ages and disabilities.

Have a rest in Harvest Field and enjoy a picnic or snack as you go round the track with family, friends or neighbours. Remember to take a water bottle to hydrate yourself and perhaps apply some sun cream if hot.

You will be able to access the Fitness Trail map online by scanning the QR code which will take you to our Home page and a link to the trail.

Explore the rest of our website when you have a few moments to spare.

We plan to hold a Fun Run and a Picnic in the Park (Harvest Field) to launch the trail once it has been updated. Dates and times to be decided when the installation is completed. Please watch the website for further information.

Jogging around the track by the old river – be aware of water and roads when using the trail with children or the elderly. The trail is great for laps – time yourself and increase your speed on each lap but be careful of those walking or in wheelchairs etc.

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