Old Denmead Photos

A number of these photos are thanks to Sue Topham and family. Her uncle was Terry Norman who published our Denmead and Hambledon book, now reduced to £5.00.

Sue found some photos and documents belonging to her grandfather, Gerald Restall, who died on 12th December 1974 and his wife. I’ll aim to add what I can over time, but I am particularly busy with updating the Jubilee Trail and planning other events with the Committee to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles and his wife Camilla.


Gerald is on the right. His wife, Edith Norman next to him. This was taken when he gave Sue’s mum away to be married at All Saint’s Church on 20th August 1957.
20th August 1957 – proud Dad!
Gerald’s passport photo – he continued to run the Post Office in Denmead until his death in 1976

Some letters and postcards to or from the Restalls – note the dates and that Denmead was considered part of Cosham in days gone by! In no particular date order.

Walter Restall was married to Hannah Louise. Sue thinks she might have been the Louie in correspondence.

An interesting purchase from Kings Road, Southsea

A letter along with some riddles for Louie

When is young lady not a young lady?
How do you address a newly married lady?

pages 2 & 3

pages 4 & 5
pages 6 & 7
Sadly Edith Restal passed away at only 47

A newspaper clipping showing Restalls Post Office and shop in Denmead
A little bit more about the Restall family
Some more images around Denmead from a variety of sources

Thanks to Garry Allam

Green Lane house demolished in 2019 Angela Falconer’s Dad was born there

With thanks to Martin Carpenter – The Denmead Queen

Thanks to Andrew Cockburn

Ernest Buckland the cobbler – a boot repairer

With thanks to the Buckland family


Thanks to Martin Carpenter and his sister for the Bere Road, Denmead Duck pond and Anmore pond images

More photos from the Buckland clan of Denmead – what a collection! Thank you.

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